What we are
looking for

Category-defining technology startups originating within the Jerusalem, Israel startup ecosystem and meeting the criteria below should apply to Jumpspeed.


Big dollar-value current pain experienced by an identifiable market, as opposed to a cool new opportunity (aspirin vs. vitamin)

Paucity of Current Solutions:

Despite the fact that there’s this big pain, all current solutions are grossly inadequate

Paradigm Shift:

You have a paradigm-shifting solution to this pain, that is an order of magnitude / 10x better


You have a “Hacker + Hustler” team that can both build the solution and lead the company


You are doing this because you are driven by a passion for making a difference

If your startup is part of the Jerusalem startup ecosystem and meets the above criteria, please apply to Jumpspeed here.

Jumpspeed’s Managing Partner is Ben Wiener.

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